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General Terms and Conditions

  • The stated prices for the musical instruments are final prices. They do not contain the case. According to Austrian taxlaw as a small business I am not required to collect VAT.

  • The price for the case is based on the current price list and for Kingham cases on the exchange rate for the British pound.
    The case will be cleared directly with the casemaker.

  • Standard is alcohol varnish, for oil varnish I insist an extra price. Varnish with boiled linseed oil is possible on renaissance instruments.

    Shellac is used in the workshop from Martin and Johann Christian Hoffmann. 1689 shellac is first listet in a book from Johann Kunckel.

  • Aquila Nylgut strings (braided copper strings) are included in the price, bowel strings will be charged extra.

  • Potential shipping costs and customs duties will be charged extra.

  • All musical instruments have a two-year warranty on manufacturing defects from the date of the invoice.

  • Within two years after the purchase neck trimming is included in the price after advance notification.

  • Payment arrangements:

    15% advance payment at commissioning.
    35% at the beginning of the execution.
    The remaining 50% at delivery of the instrument.

  • The instrument remains my property until full payment is made.

  • The order book entry (waiting time) takes place at the entry of the advance payment. The approximate delivery period specified when taking the order is without obligation. As I work alone, the completion of ordered instruments can take up to 3 months longer than stated.

  • In case of rescission 15% of the total value of the instruments will be charged for the expenses afforded.

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